PRODUCTS - Wireless Hand Control Solutions.

For the ultimate in innovation, Somfy’s intelligent controls can operate your blinds, curtains, awnings or roller shutters without you having to lift a finger. You can quickly and simply make your home more comfortable and secure whilst at the same time reducing energy consumption and your home’s carbon footprint.

Telis Patio

Ideal for gardens, terraces and general family use. The Telis Patio is shock proof and weather resistant and is available in single channel, four channel and Soliris options.

Telis Pure

The clean design of the Pure makes it suitable for every style of decor. Available in single channel, four channel and Soliris options.

Telis Silver

The sleek finish of the Telis Silver naturally blends into contempory interiors. Available in single channel and four channel options.

Telis Lounge

Exuding sophistication, the Telis Lounge is perfect for the modern interior. Available in single channel and four channel options.

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