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Natural Ventilation
an essential requirementClean healthy air - along with good heat and light - is very important for the wellbeing and health of people in a building. Automatic control of ventilation openings can contribute significantly to maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

Advantages of Motorised Windows
Apart from supplementing the exchange of clean air and the creation of thermal comfort, there are other clear advantages allied to natural ventilation from motorised windows: - reduced reliance on air conditioning units - lower energy use lower operational costs - creation of a healthy indoor climate as a condition for physical and mental wellbeing - positive influence on corporate identity - improve a building’s performance and value


Somfy Linkeo 2 series

• Maintenance free chain motor
• Strong duplex chain
• Easy integration because of small sizes
• Voltage: 230Vac or 24Vdc


Somfy Linkeo 4 series

• Maintenance free chain motor
• Strong duplex chain
• Large opening angle because of opening
up to 835 mm
• Voltage: 230Vac or 24Vdc


Somfy Rodeo series

• Maintenance free linear motor
• Variable opening
• High degree of protection IP55
• Voltage: 230Vac or 24Vdc

Download Brochures + Specifications

Window Opener - Applications (PDF 368kb) Window Opener - Motors (PDF 252kb)
Window Opener - Solutions (PDF 980kb) Window Opener - Technical Information (PDF 1.5mb)
Window Opener - Control Solutions (PDF 578kb) Window Opener - Safety (PDF 258kb)



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